Alisa Adams

The Author

Hello! My name is Alisa Adams. I am a 22 year old female born in Harare, Zimbabwe. I am currently an undergraduate student in The Netherlands specialising in Law and Politics.

I have lived in Zimbabwe for most of my life and have oddly been drawn to political and social issues from a very young age. I hope to do something worth remembering with my life, as I am sure most of us do.

Apart from an intense interest in socio-political issues, I am what most may call regular a Gen Z. I enjoy reading, writing and traveling most in my life; I’m happiest when I am doing these things. I love learning about new cultures and how things are done differently around the world. I actually enjoy learning in general and have shockingly always loved school. I’ve always said that if schooling made money, I’d do it for the rest of my life. So, it’s not surprising that something I do in my free time (this blog) will involve some degree of learning on my part and yours.

The Blog

The Unsung Perspective is a personal blog which aims to illuminate issues in a part of the world that most people know nothing about. While a lot of Southern Africans have things that we share in common and can relate to, I would never dare say that my posts will give a Southern African perspective. It will hardly give a holistically Zimbabwean perspective because I come from a certain social background and my reality of Zimbabwe is not the same as any other Zimbabwean’s. Thus, the picture on the homepage may be quite misleading in having people think that I will be talking about ‘Africa.’ I would like my recounts to be authentic and truly representative of things I witness, experience and think and that will not be the case if I write about things that I do not know about personally.

If there is one thing I have learnt from tertiary education, it is that there is a huge difference in learning through theory and learning through actual, lived experiences. This blog will discuss (and I say discuss because I would very much love it to entice some debate and/or discussion) socio-political, economic and cultural topics that I find myself pondering about my country. I have seen an array of misconceptions about my country, my continent, my culture, my race, my gender and just about everything about my identity and that is the purpose of this blog. To shed some much needed light.